Networks refer to different computers connected to each other aiming at sharing resources, data and information in the organization. The objective of setting the network is to share the resources, data and information at very high speed and in a quick time from one computer to another computer.

The connection between the different computers take place the help of cabling, such as an Ethernet cable or wireless cable through radio waves. With the help of connected computers you can also share resources with file servers and external devices such as printers. A network enables a computer to carry on more than one task and activities in a quick time.

Network includes different type of topologies such as Star Topology, Bus Topology, Ring Topology and many other types of topologies. These topologies have their own role to share information from one computer to another with the greater speed.

During Regularly work on the network sometime it may cause errors and problems which ultimately disturb your important work and create a problem for you. You need to solve these network problems at an early stage for the smooth functioning of the Network.

The Most common network problems faced by the users are:
  1. Connection dropdown issues in the server computer networks.
  2. Occurrence of error during a particular task carried out by the network.
  3. Randomly shut down of the server network.
  4. Problems in sending and receiving information, data and resource from one computer to another computer.
  5. File check sequence errors.
  6. Alignment Errors.
  7. Unknown Protocol Errors.
  8. Collisions and late collisions network errors.

To solve the above problem, you need to contact with a network support service provider, that can provide you complete support and solution on different type of network problems.

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  3. Solving different types of protocol errors.
  4. Installing routers and solving routers problem in a secured way.
  5. Configuring the router and installing the router software.
  6. Fixing the Internet Settings issues and problems.
  7. Maintaining secure connection between your computer and router.
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