Server Security refers to ensuring high security of the resources and information stored on the Internet which can be accessed from a web server. It supports various types of Security protocols such as the Secure Socket Layer. SSL plays a role of encrypting and decrypting messages and protect it from third party authorization to the server.

Server Security plays an important role in the business organization. It is used to maintain a high level of security of the organization’s resources, database and information stored on the Internet. It is especially useful for an Ecommerce company’s website. Because on E-commerce company’s websites there are huge number or transaction processed every day that includes a huge number of privacy and confidential information that is needed to be kept safe against fraud.

Above there are Some measures that need to be undertaken to protect servers from the unknown online dangers.

  1. SSH Keys: SSH keys include the sets of cryptographic keys which is used to access SSH servers. It is used as an alternative to access password based logins accounts. Among the both keys the private key is being kept secure and secret and Public key is shared with everybody to be accessed. For configuring the SSH keys the user must place the public key in the server’s directory. Once the user gets connected to the server, the server asks for the private key from the authorized user. The private key is used by the SSH client to prove its genuine identity on the server. Once the identity is proved the server will then connect the client without password.
  2. Firewall: Firewall are in the form of hardware and software, that scan the incoming and outgoing network traffic. On a server there is a huge number of services running default. It can be divided into different groups, the first is a public service that can be accessed by anyone and randomly at any time such as web servers that allow access to your website. The second is private services, it can be accessed by a selected group of authorized person such as database control panel. The third is internal services that can be accessed within the server itself without considering the external world. Firewall ensures that access to your software are limited and restricted according to public services, private services and internal services.
  3. VPN’s and Private Networking: Private Networks are the networks which are accessible by authorized person and servers. Virtual Private Network is a path to create a secured among remote computers. It shows the network in case it is a local private network and maintain secure connection between remote servers.

There are other measures also such as Public Key Infrastructure, SSL/TLS Encryption. Service Auditing, Intrusion Detection Systems and many more measures to maintain Server security.

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