Yahoo is one of the commonly used email service providers in many countries. Aside from offering lots of free features, Yahoo Mail has several domains to choose from. But sometimes it happens that we forget our password. In that case what will you do? In this article we will discuss the options which we will use when we forgot the password or the security questions or alternate email id.

If you want to change your password in Yahoo or have forgotten it, the first step is to go online. Once there, go to the Yahoo homepage. After the page has finished loading, click the link “forgot your ID or password?” You will be presented with a series of dialog boxes used to determine that you are the owner of this account.

Before you can change your password in Yahoo, you need to input your name in the box with the words “do you know your Yahoo ID?” Enter the name you have given. Next copy the code that is in the other box (this is the one wherein the letters and / or numbers appear twisted).

After you have entered the appropriate information, there are still a few questions you need to answer before you can change your password in Yahoo. This includes the personal question. You would have answered this when you first made the account, so it is important that you remember it. After giving the correct answer, your old password will appear. Now you can change it. The personal questions are as follows:

  • Mobile Number: If you have your mobile number on file and you can receive the text message (SMS) on the listed number, click “Yes, text me a code”. Yahoo will now send a verification code to your cell phone. Enter the verification code in the blank box and click “Verify”. Now you can create new password for your Yahoo account.
  • Alternate email address: If you have an alternate email address added in your account, you can get verification code there to recover your Yahoo mail password.
  • Security Questions: This option will only be available if you have secret questions on file with Yahoo. Once you put right answers to security questions, you can easily change your Yahoo mail password.

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