Computers that run slow are not only annoying, but can also prevent you from being able to do your work or play the games you want. Unfortunately, computers are prone to running slower, making it vital that you’re able to keep on top of this problem and fix the various issues that first cause systems to slow down. The good news is that there are several easy ways to make Windows computers run faster.
Speed up your Windows system by following methods given below:

The first way: Clean up the duplicate files. There might be a large number of duplicate files separated around your computer. They take a lot of resources of your computer and slow down your system running. Repair system slowdown by removing the duplicate files and free up precious space on your hard disk.

The second way: Free up your hard disk. Disk comes with the ability to record, catalog and treat a set of instructions or data as a single unit. It stores all resources of Windows system. Over time, the hard disk will be overloaded. This makes the computer run slowly and slowly. Therefore, defragment the hard disk to free up valuable disk space

The third way: Fix Windows registry errors. The Windows registry is a central hierarchical database that comes to store information and settings for users, applications and hardware devices. Once your Windows registry is corrupted or bloated, your computer will absolutely slow down.
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