Many scam artists on the internet today are getting more and more unscrupulous and this article will how you can avoid losing your money to these people who live off ill-gotten gains. Spear phishing is a technique in which hackers send emails to groups of people with specific common characteristics or other identifiers. Spear phishing emails appear to come from a trusted source but are designed to help hackers obtain trade secrets or other classified information.

confidentialSpear phishing is first initiated with an email which informs its recipient that they have been sued, or any other discourse that would induce the email recipient to respond immediately by clicking on a particular link. When clicked, this link will redirect the viewer to a page that is either spoofed or fake which will then require that personal information be typed as part of a necessary step. The website looks too legitimate to the naked eye that is very hard eve for a professional security professional to immediately say that the entire site was a total set up for you to a victim of identity theft.

On the other hand, other spear phishing email can contain a downloadable file. These emails are just as convincing as the email that requires a link to be clicked. The emails utilized in this method typically seem to be sent from an employer or someone who is just as legitimate. The file that will be downloaded contains a malware or spyware that will automatically embed itself to your computer’s hard drive when clicked. This software collects valuable personal information that is immediately sent to its ‘home base’ when you go online.

People who engage in spear phishing exert enough effort and time to polish their system which makes them quite hard to catch. Equally, it requires enough effort and patience to detect and resolve. However, there are steps that you can take to avoid being a victim of phishing and potential identity theft.

Avoid opening attachments or email from persons that you do not know. Likewise, do not click through a site included in an email. Do not assume that knowing where the email came from ensures that you can be on top of spear phishing and identity theft. As always, vigilance is always the key to avoid being victimized. Phishing is a serious threat to your identity as it often leads to identity theft. Pay attention to your email and always be wary about those that came from strangers. Do not take any chances because identity theft does not.

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